Saturday, November 13, 2010

My baby steps begin..

I have started this blog to look and share my inspirations for my home improvement projects.  There is so much samples, pictures, inspirations boards out there and hard to find that one style and design that suits you, your family and lifestyle.  I have a couple of projects lined up and have alot of ideas but don't know where to start so I thought "baby steps" would fit this design journey into decorating my home.  I am not an interior designer by profession but I am passionate in finding products that suit me and my everyday life and applying these into every room in my house. I will also include posts on clothing and accessories which is another passion of mine and will try my best to share great finds everywhere I go.  

So wish me luck and hopefully you  stay aboard and join me on this journey as I finalize my home interior and find the best style out there.  I am excited to begin.