Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Very Belated Happy Valentine's Day!!

So I've been sidetracked with so many things these last couple of weeks and haven't really posted on some home improvement projects we've done at home- which will be a separate post. But currently I am planning a post Valentine's playdate for the girls. Colors: red, pink and touch of brown. I've already ordered some party printables for the playdate from an etsy seller. Can't wait until the girls see it!!  So excited as I am already planning my sweet treats and setting up my dessert table.  This is my project for this week until the weekend so i have to get started soon.  Tomorrow, is post valentine's day shopping at Target. Hopefully, there's still a lot of good finds at 50% off.

backyard inspirations

So it's been a couple of months since our backyard is done but we still need to add a few more plants to add life and color to ZEN/ Japanese look of our yard. A couple of cedar trees, bamboos, Azaleas (which I bought right before christmas) still doesn't do anything for me. I found some great inspirations from these landscaping done outside the Blue Water Grill Restaurant at the District in Tustin on our way to lunch at this restaurant a few weeks ago one Sunday Afternoon.

Bamboos in the background with azaleas and grass type plants in front

Another great option for the plantar boxes