Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Busy Bee

Lately my home improvement projects have been set aside to make way for the holidays. From Holiday Shopping to buying a christmas tree (which is laying flat on our living room at this very moment-the husband is still working on putting it up so we can't decorate it yet- which my daughter is looking forward to) to getting LED lights for our backyard and front of the house and planning our annual family christmas party which I am very excited and looking forward to as it is our very first christmas here at home and I want to make sure it is a special one for my kids this year.

So for our Christmas decors, I am thinking of having Aqua (my fave),  red (christmas colors) and white with silver accents and have snowflakes ornaments (which I purchesed a lot of from the dollar tree- for would you believe a dollar each or some of them per set- what a great find!!), snowman images and peppermint/candy cane. I'll post some pictures soon around the household of our decors in progress.

How about you, any special christmas projects at your home?

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