Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Current Obsession.....

So lately, I've been surfing the net for inspiration for home improvement projects we're planning to do in the near future.  And my latest obsession is LIGHTING, yes lighting.  For me, not only great lighting brightens a room but it also brings in a certain feel of what mood or style you are going for in that particular room.  I found a couple of chandeliers and pendant lighting while we were window shopping at my favorite store- Z Gallerie yesterday.  I am currently looking for a pendant light for our dining room,  a globe pendant similar to this (for our kitchen to hang above the island) that I found on the West Elm website

courtesy of West Elm

and an elegant, timeless and modern chandelier for the master bedroom.  This is on my wish list but cost is a little bit steep for me (price is $798)

courtesy of Layla Grace

I know this will be a perfect accent to our bedroom- which for the meantime only has a bed, 2 side tables and a dresser.  I am still deciding between a light blue wall or white or grayish colored wall paper from Graham and Brown.   I finally got my sample wall paper in  the mail a couple of weeks ago. 

Besides the Holiday Preparations, this keeps my mind pre occupied lately.  All the design possibilities makes my excitement grow even more.  Can't wait until our bedroom is finally complete and done with.

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