Friday, June 17, 2011

Butler's Pantry Mirror

I've been wanting to spruce up our butler's pantry for awhile now and tonight, I can't stop thinking about mirrors.  Yes Mirrors for our butler's pantry.  Right now our butler's pantry counter top happens to be somewhat of a stock area where in we put papers/ mails we don't want to forget, the husband put up a bulletin board for remind me later stuff or papers we can easily track, charging laptop  counter, etc.  Since it's a small space you merely pass by on the way to the dining room from the kitchen, I think somehow it requires some attention.  With the right paint colors and a huge rectangular mirror on the wall, it will give it the right make over it needs.  So i surfed on my go to website for everything fabulous (for home decorating) of course, Z Gallerie and found some great mirrors.

Here is what I found:  the Simone Mirror. Design is simple and clean. It will give the room a contemporary look and will not break my bank account :)
Photo Courtesy of Z Gallerie

But  here is another one I found and can't resist. This  will definitely break my bank account. Haha!! But will give our pantry a very unique look and will keep me mesmerized everytime I walk by there. Mmmm...

Photo Courtesy of Z Gallerie

Not only will the Axis Mirror break the bank account but will break it even more as it requires Professional Installation based on the website. I'm sure labor for installation would cost more.  It weighs more than 150 lbs with shipping.

Maybe I'll keep this on my birthday wishlist this year, hoping my husband will read this post and surprise me.   Wink! Wink! ;)

I really can't get enough of Z Gallerie.  I always wanted to browse whenever we pass by this store in the mall but I'm afraid that my kids will break something.  Like last year, my younger one broke a wine glass while we were paying for our purchase.  It's hard bringing young kids to these type of stores as you may end up paying more with broken items.  You chase them around the store and end up leaving coz they get bored or you are trying to avoid having them touch the fragile stuff.

Which of the mirrors  do you like better?  Now, I have to think of wall colors....

I have a lot of backlogged posts for updates around our house but will write a separate post with pictures once I get the chance next week like our garage flooring, master bedroom make over and my daughter's nursery turned into a classic toddler room with Parisian themed accents.  I can't wait to post pictures once we get everything settled, assembled and completed.  

I also have a couple of Party Planning projects lined up which is pretty exciting for me this summer: My daughter's Ballerina Party and My Mom's Fab Party..  This is gonna be a fun but busy summer for our family and here at home...

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