Saturday, June 11, 2011


I know I haven't really blogged about Paris.  This is one topic, I really have to blog about.  One of the main reasons I travelled to Paris (besides sight seeing and visiting the famous tourist spots): I was on my quest to find the best french macarons in Paris.  I love  the cheap Trader Joes ones and the one we ordered for my daughter's birthday last year from Blue Cupcakes. But I know nothing can compare to the original french macarons.   Although we were busy the whole time while we were in Paris, I knew I can't let our trip pass by without trying the famous Laduree Macarons, which were recommended by a friend and read about in a blog. 

I was giddy with excitement approaching the famous Patisserie

The front entrance in celadon green and gold, what a lovely color combination!

While we were in Versailles, I chanced upon their booth on my way to the first floor apartments right before you exit the garden.  It cost me about 8 euros for 6 pieces a box but was surprised to see it was much more expensive in their Champs Elyssee store (I think it was around 12-13 euros for the 6 pieces box).  There was a long line at their Champs Elyssee store and their cafe was packed. I wish we had the time to stay and have a meal at their cafe but it was our last day in Paris and we still had to go back to the Hotel and check out in time to catch our train back to London.

Man, the Raspberry Macarons are the best! Tangy yet sweet..  Mmmm! I don't think anything can compare to it.  It looks like they don't deliver here in the US. I've already looked at their website and didn't find any shipping info. I may have to do more research on this.  Another thing is, it is hard to ship Macarons as they easily crack and you have to eat them fresh.  Besides the shopping, I wanna go back to Paris because of this.

While reading about Laduree on the Wikipedia website, I learned that these famous pastries made an appearance in the Marie Antoinette movie directed by Sophia Coppola and known as a favorite of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.  They have stores in Monaco (hope to visit one day), Japan, Ireland, and Italy (crossing my fingers this will be our next European trip, Please Please, Please- and get some more Laduree here if we don't get to stop by Paris).

Another Macaron we tried was from the Pierre Herme at Galeries Lafayette.  The husband of course loved the caramel macaron.  It was much cheaper than Laduree (I forgot how much it cost) and also came in a cute gold box and paper bag with their own namesake blue tag.

These are the 2 main macarons you must try out when in Paris.  I still have yet to try other ones hopefully when we go back. Now this post makes me hungry and crave for Macarons.  I'm thinking of trying out the Sweet and Saucy Shop version for my daughter's Parisian Glam Party for her second birthday.

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