Monday, May 16, 2011

Oxford Circus and Sloan Street, London

So on our first day in London, we can't wait to hit the shops and see what's the Fashion Trend in London now a days.  We took the tube a couple of blocks away from our hotel and got off at Oxford Circus. 

Walking down Oxford Street

                                             Miss selfridges, lots of cool clothes and accessories

Mango and Gap

A huge Marks & Spencer with it's own Supermarket downstairs

Didn't know they have UniQlo in Europe

Love the clothes in Zara London Stores.  I was getting tired of their clothes here (in their South Coast Plaza store) but seeing their clothes in London with jewel tone colors (green, hot pink, purple, yellow) made me wanna go back to London again and again for shopping.

                                           The building on the left is the big Rolex Store

To me, Sloan Street is a Fashionista's Haven.  Will make you drool with all the designer shops lining the street. Too bad the stores were already closed (but good for my wallet) by the time we got there, so we ended up just enjoying our walk and took lots of pictures instead.

                                           The LV Store

Gucci Store


Then There's Dior

My all time Fave, Jimmy Choo

There's Valentino and D&G right next to each other


You can never go wrong with the famous Pucci Printed Dresses like those on the mannequin

and then to cap it all off, there's Chanel

Ultimately, I loved London Fashion compared to Parisian Fashion.  Londoners are very fashionable, chic,  updated yet understated.  And most of all, I love all the designer bags (should've taken pictures of them) thay they carry around while taking the tube from Miu Miu (load of this), some LVs (I guess they're not really into LV much unlike Asians who line up their store), Prada, Longchamp, some Chloe, Chanel to mention a few. I loved the designs in stores overall compared to what I see in the stores here in the US.  I guess I was just getting bored here. And seeing what they have in the TopShop and Zara Stores in London got me so excited and wished I could see more of these styles here in the US. 

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