Monday, October 17, 2011

A Barbie in Paris Party

I got this tshirt from Oh FiddleSticks inspired by The Tom Kat Studio

After months of dreaming up and planning this party,  we celebrated my daughter's second birthday party last saturday with our family and a few close friends - Parisian Style.  This was a smaller party compared to my older one's Ballerina Party.  In the end, I preferred it this way as it was easier to manage and I still got to enjoy the party and mingle with people I haven't seen and talked to in a long time.  It was a bit hectic and we ended setting up late but all's well that ends well as they say.

 First and foremost, I want to thank my co- party planner and best sister in the whole wide world, Alyssa - who always give me honest opinions if my party ideas are too crazy and impossible or doable.  Helping me run errands right before the party and of course setting up and clean up.  What will I do without her.  My Dad, my brother and his kids for always being there to help me out with any event.  I'm so proud of nieces.  At a young age, they are very helpful, always asking me if there's anything else they can do to help out during the party.  My brother who never fails to take great pictures as well.  My daughter's Ninang Roan and Ninong Saul, who came in early to help set up  and pick up our delicious petit fours and sumptous Pan Au Chocolaut.  Thank you so much.

Now on to the details (my Favorite Part).  A little background...  I've always dreamed of visiting Paris as a little girl and when it came true last Spring.  I couldn't be more excited to throw a Parisian Soiree for my little one this Fall for her second birthday party.  I picked up Parisian Post Cards (in Hot Pink and Black of course the at the Monoprix Supermarket (at their Famous Champs Elyssee Store) while in Paris.  I put the post cards in  black Ikea Picture frame and decorated it in our Family Room Fire place and as a center piece on the adult tables and drinks table
The Post card right next to party hats I made

Post Cards in our party colors. Party hats designed by Paper Glitter

I also purchased these Silver Eiffel Tower keychains in bulk from Paris (during our trip) somewhere along Rue Cambon, I couldn't even remember the exact street.  I think I got a good deal of 8 euros for 50 pieces of keychains from this chinese guy who sells Parisian souvenirs by bulk.  So if you're in Paris, don't buy them from the guys who sell them at the different Tour Sites.  They sell them either 3 for 1 euro or 1 euro each, depending where you're at.  So I turned these keychains into necklaces so the girls can wear them during the party.  I just attached it to a leather tie (I got this in Manila years ago) and accented it with pink glass beads to put an elegant touch to it.  I will be posting this in my Etsy Shop soon since I still have tons left.
Eiffel Tower Necklaces
All Paper goods were purchased from Paper Glitter from their Hot Pink Paris Kit in pdf file so I printed out tons of invitations, party hats, menu cards, buffet table labels, favor tags, paper decors such as Banners, Eiffel tower, etc.

Favor Tags, Lotion purchased from Bath and Body Works

Le Menu, a combination of French and Filipino Food

Mini Poodle Toys as Favors from Oriental Trading

A Sample of Printed Invite with Passports, Boarding Pass, and RSVP card

Sample of Personalized Favor Bags I handmade for the little girls with Marabou Furs,  Fabric Hairclips I also handmade and the Eiffel Tower Cups from Celebrate Express

A Welcome Signage in French

A great find at my happy place, Home Goods

Favor Table, we forgot to hide the shower door, haha!

Fire Place Set Up

My Sister with the Dessert Table

Dining Room

Our Version of A's Mini Patisserie

Buffet Table and Dessert Table
Petit Fours and Pan Au Chocolat from Union Bakery in Pasadena

More desserts and veggie tier

I spray painted our old Chandelier in Pink and accented the Lamp Shades in dark pink pom trims (from Joann's and Black Satin Ribbon

Pink Chandelier over the Fir Pit

Tarpaulin of Famous Parisian Sites as Photo Back Drops in the Back Yard

Pink and White Roses and Green Pom Flowers I picked out at Fresh and Easy
The Tent Set Up


 I will have to post details of the dessert table soon once I have the other pictures.  Hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures as much as I enjoyed planning this party for my little one!

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  1. Great job! Very nice! :) Wish I was there to witness the celebration. :)