Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fab @ 60 Party!

Now that I have time to sit and blog about this party, I thought I'd share pictures from my Mom's 60th birthday party last summer.  A lot of hard work, planning, setting up and coordinating with my family members went into preparing for this event.  A party well deserved to the best Mom I know!! It was a labor of love not only from her kids but from her parents, siblings and nieces as well who helped out with the party.

As I said in my previous post here, my mom loves everything Red, Red Roses included.. As you can see it was dominant around the whole venue with accents of Gold (her favorite hue of jewelry) so we thought this would be the fitting color scheme for her party and I thought of the theme "Fab @ 60!" since there is nobody else I know who is Fab at this age as my Mom is.  She has been truly blessed with family who loves and adores her and  has great respect for her.  She has given so much of herself to other people that we thought of making her feel special and throw a  BIG and Fab party in her honor.  I've never seen her this happy and surprised :) As you can see in one of the pictures, she does really look radiant in RED.  It is truly her color.

I am so excited to share the pictures here: (courtesy of Uncle Rodney - a big Thank You!!!)

The Dessert Table, all desserts and pedestals are from Sweet and Saucy Shop

Lighting and DJ by Atmosphere DJ

Flowers made by my sis in law

Event Set Up

Portrait Courtesy of Uncle Rodney

Perfume Bar  for the Ladies

Birthday Cake ordered from Sweet and Saucy Shop

Cake and Chocolate mousse

more chocolate mousse

The Guest of Honor in her Tadashi Shoji dress

Party Time


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  1. What a beautiful party, I am in complete awe!! Sharing this on my facebook page.