Monday, November 7, 2011

The Majestic Chateau de Versailles

This is a very late post about our trip to Versailles, the home of the French Monarchy in the 1600-1700s right before they were forced to return to Paris during the French Revolution.
We initially planned on getting there early (as advised by our friends who had been there) as it takes about 45 minutes to and hour to get there from Paris.  But guess what? it took us almost 3 hours for the trip. We knew we had to take the RER to Versailles but we missed the RER train from the metro that we were supposed to take and mistakenly took the wrong train.  This train was also going the Versailles but that train stop or station is not the one right across from the Chateau.  This would be a 10 minute walk from the station to the Chateau.  But we were hesistant getting lost in the streets not knowing where to go so our best bet was take the train back again.  So when we realized our mistake, we got off at this station (I couldn't even remember where) and had to take a train going back.  To cut the long story short, we did get to Versailles but by the time we got there, it was almost 1 pm and we were hungry.  Good thing there was a McDonalds right in front of the train station. (Mc Donalds was our safe bet when it comes to food while we were in London and Paris.  You know what you're getting.  I love the Mc Donalds in Europe, very hip, modern, eclectic and contemporary in their interiors unlike here in the US, the interior are still in the 1980s).

Once you enter the Palace, you will be given a mobile phone type where on you will enter the number ib the right hand side of each area.  The voice over or narrator will discuss the history in each of the staterooms( such as where french royalty used to entertain in the evening after dinner), paintings, different furnitures and  statues.

Here are some pictures I took of the Chateau and it's Grandeur Palace and Gardens

The Train Station in Versailles

The Entrance Gate

Never seen one like this before

Can you believe the massive detail on this ceiling?

Inside one of the apartments couldn't even remember which one, with it's old century furniture

The Garden, this couple might be honeymooners too

The Lantona Fountain

The Siyth Parterre

The back part of the Palace as you enter the Garden

Walking around the enormous garden

To think that Marie Antoinette had lived and walked in the apartments and the gardens hundreds of years ago blows me away.  I had to pinch myself several times as I can't believe I am walking around the Chateau.  This has been one of the most memorable places I've traveled to and wished my kids would get to travel here someday to learn and see a piece of French History.

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